Universitatea Ștefan cel Mare din Suceava: Events hosted

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An introduction to selectorate theory and the theory of clubs
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Lewis model, Harris-Todaro model, illegal migrants, EU, Africa, Belarus
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EUROSCI Network course sponsored by USV and Hestim
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Ethical and social dimensions in public administration and law, 6th edition
Students from Suceava meet their colleagues in Iasi on YouTube and Zoom
Embedded thumbnail for Joint lecture between the universities of Iasi and Suceava
Law and public administration in virtual society: challenges and perspectives
Closing session of the course in online teaching in international higher education
Embedded thumbnail for Cristina Gomez-Roman LIVE: New course in environmental psychology
Economia Politică Europeană 12
Embedded thumbnail for Șomaj: masurare, cauze și politici
Jean Monnet Open Online Course of Strategic Communications
Embedded thumbnail for EUROSCI Network lecture: Tetiana Havlin: Propaganda and foreign policy